Everybody is born to be different

Meghan Trainor – Close Your Eyes (Audio): I would not change anything from these lyrics.So deep and so beautiful. We are definitely born to be different and to shine. Do not let anyone ever tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams. Do not care about what people think or say about you,be confident…cause you’re… Continue reading Everybody is born to be different


One Day…

One day,we won’t be afraid to walk in our streets, One day,we will be able to stay up at night with no fear, One day,we won’t hear anymore guns and shooting, One day,Burundi will be a peaceful land. One day,students will go back to school, One day,our parents will go back to work, One day,there… Continue reading One Day…


Ma Route Goudronnée

Tel le pavage d’une route fonctionelle Je serai cet homme réparant et détruisant, Sans que mes actions soient intentionelles Cela redevient déplaisant. Je referai un souhait Qui surement restera souhait et ce sera celui de peindre ma vie afin qu’elle soit embellie. Tentative sans reussite Je réussi à laisser faire Afin de voir la suite… Continue reading Ma Route Goudronnée


On Mothers Day

Mothers are very special creatures.I am always amazed by the amount of love and passion they give us and without expecting anything in return except for our happiness.It’s crazy.Still,in the eyes of every child,her/his mum is the most beautiful,most caring,most adorable mother of all.And of course I think that way too.😁 Every year I try… Continue reading On Mothers Day

Tags And Challenges

Be You,Do You

Today I wanna talk about something that means a lot to me in a sense that I see it happening around me often.I don’t know about you but I feel like these days,it gets harder and harder for us to be ourselves.Again,I am going to blame it to the social medias because it is a… Continue reading Be You,Do You