We All Have Something to Give

Isn’t it awesome to know that we can all give something to someone? No? Well…it sounds cool to me. One of the phrases that sounds really cliché but that is powerful to me is “sharing is caring”. We hear this a lot and I do say it a lot too but I’m going to tell… Continue reading We All Have Something to Give


L’homme de ma vie

Je suis parfois étonée par la façon dont notre société ne nous apprends pas vraiment à être reconnaissant envers nos papas. C’est vrai! On nous apprend à beaucoup respecter et à craindre nos papas, mais à toujours tout confier à nos mamans. On nous apprend que quand papa rentre à la maison le soir, après une… Continue reading L’homme de ma vie


Rocking my Natural Hair

It was in May 2014 when I started my natural hair journey. I had had relaxed hair since 2009.Before that,I was going to a catholic school and we had to chop our hair every what?six months maybe!Lord how I hated it.I used to be envious of other girls of my age from other schools who… Continue reading Rocking my Natural Hair


A little bit of Positivity

Positivity.Certainly not what you want to hear now with all the bad things happening around the world these days:crimes,drought,corruption,deseases,death,homelessness,hunger,and so on.But yet I am here,believing in positivity.Thinking that we should be positive despite all this.Isn’t it insane?I know…I think I am crazy too. But hey,we gotta do this. I strongly believe that in this crazy… Continue reading A little bit of Positivity