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25 Random Facts About Me!!

Today’s post is a little different and inspired by another blogger, Melissa (check her out). I thought you wouldn’t mind getting to know the weird me a little more, so let’s go. 1.I am Duchesse, not a Duchess.That is my real name, not a title. There is no kingdom where I am from. 2.I am left-handed and it’s annoying… Continue reading 25 Random Facts About Me!!


The Longest Ride

It’s like being on a train with no destination, It’s like waiting for someone you know nothing of, It’s like wishing for summer time in December. …and all you hear is “you have to wait“ Waiting is frustrating, Waiting is confusing, Waiting is hurting. …but all you hear is “be patient, the best is yet… Continue reading The Longest Ride

Tags And Challenges

3 Main Things that Inspire Me!

Where do you find your inspiration? What inspire you the most? These are questions I am asked a lot regarding my blog posts. First of all, thank you to everyone who enjoys reading me and who thinks I have awesome topics. I decided to write this post to share with you where I find my… Continue reading 3 Main Things that Inspire Me!


Stop the Excuses

I am not going to seat back and pretend I don’t do this. We all do this. We all find excuses for things we don’t wanna do, places we don’t wanna go. Check out this article! Good advice


I am going to change YOU!!!

I am going to start off by saying that I don’t understand people that believe they can change someone. No, let me put this right; I can understand them but I don’t quiet get their motives. Please let me know! Last time I was reading an article and I saw this quote: “Consider how hard… Continue reading I am going to change YOU!!!


Overprotective or nah?

As some of you may know, I am the first born in a family of four crazy kids and I think I have an issue with that. I think I am an overprotective sister. Oh Lord! Help me. Many of my friends tell me that they can’t wait to see how I will act with my own kids… Continue reading Overprotective or nah?


Life is strange

Originally posted on Let's talk about the L word!:
Love eases the troubled whilst troubling the eased. It mends the broken so then it can break those mended. ttt We can’t all win, every time. Nothing remains unchanging forever. That could only be achieved if time wasn’t time, and we could rewind it. Day dies so night grows. For darkness can…