Apple Cider Vinegar//Benefits

I have always heard of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and its benefits but I only started using it recently. ACV is known for its multiple functions and the magic it does once used. Keep reading to know more about how you can use ACV and where to get it. On your skin. ACV contains pH that will… Continue reading Apple Cider Vinegar//Benefits


The Society We live In!

I am personally not a big fan of Kim Kardashian West and I really do not know why some people adore her but hey, it is their thing and I respect that. But I honestly need someone to convince me with just one example of something she has ever done to our society, to deserve… Continue reading The Society We live In!


The Time My Dream Became True// Advice on achieving life goals

“Dreams is not what we see in sleep, it is what doesn’t let you sleep.” Abdul Kalam Since I was in High school, I always wanted to own a Camera. I really have true love for photographs because they make moments last forever. I always want to capture moments: from random and funny nights with… Continue reading The Time My Dream Became True// Advice on achieving life goals

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4 Things that Should Make You Happier!

“Be happy, do what you want,what you like!”. Am I the only one to think that it is not always easy being happy and to do what we want? Sometimes, the people around us don’t make it easy for us – because we live in a world where we can’t always think about ourselves only -(p.s: it… Continue reading 4 Things that Should Make You Happier!


Am I A Feminist??!!

I was quietly seating down, doing my hair when my sister came to see me alarmed and asked me: “Did you see the last post on ThisBurundianLife?” Then I go “NO! What is it about?” But when she started to talk about it, I told her to stop, to not spoil it for me, then I… Continue reading Am I A Feminist??!!

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Liebster Award// Secrets Revealed!

Last Saturday was a interesting day for me. I was having a good and productive day(mostly getting my school work done) when one of a sudden, my phone vibrates and guess what it is? A notification from WordPress that JustAverageTeenMe, a fellow blogger from the UK. You can’t imagine how hype I just went after… Continue reading Liebster Award// Secrets Revealed!

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52 Date Ideas // Never have a boring weekend again.

Originally posted on Ordinary Adventures:
It seems like every free weekend I have, I end up spending it the exact same way with Drew. Our dates usually consist of food out and a movie at home. And I’m ready to spice things up! Coming up with ideas is actually much harder than it sounds. Between being cheap,…