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Versatile Blogger Award// Facts About Me

Hello Fam, You may know by now how much I like doing these kind of posts for you and I want to sincerely thank Just Average Teen Me for nominating me. She is very adorable and I  recommend you to check her out. Now, some of you know that English is not my first language -if not, go here… Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award// Facts About Me

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16 Things To Do In 2016// Bucket List

Hello Fam, 2016 has indeed started if you haven’t realized for some reasons (I know some of you are still writing  the date with 2015). We all talk about “new resolutions” this time around, don’t we? Either to our friends and family or just to ourselves. We also often hear people tell us: “[…]as long as… Continue reading 16 Things To Do In 2016// Bucket List


Memoirs of the Burundian girl

Originally posted on The Round Table:
This is a story of a Burundian girl who left her country in pursuit of receiving the best education with aspirations of going back home, however her circumstances have been affected by the broader political instability of her country. This the story of Gretta , the story of her…