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Today, we get to know Nathalie,who lives in Rennes, France. Nathalie and I have been in each other’s life for quite a while now. Back in the 1990s, when our mothers were co-workers, they forced us to become friends at 5 years old. Yes, I said forced! The only thing we liked was playing together. You can… Continue reading #ThreeThingsThursday//Nathalie

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This week I met Cassandra, a friend from Ghana, that I have known for a couple years now. The first time, we met at the bus terminal and she approached me with a cute smile on her face and we started talking about us living in Canada and being far from home. The other day… Continue reading #ThreeThingsThursday//Cassie


Wednesday Wisdom // Be Thankful With What You Have

In today’s world, it gets very easy to envy other people and what they have. We compare our lives to celebrities’, we wish we had things our friends have, we focus on the negative things in our lives and we complain a LOT. I had a conversation with one of my dearest friend who just turned 26 (Happy… Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom // Be Thankful With What You Have

Tags And Challenges

#ThreeThingsThursday // Delice

Hello Fam, I am  back again with a new series of blogs/interviews that was inspired by other bloggers on Instagram and my favorite one was Suzie (you can check out here). I first thought I would give it a try myself and write a post called:three things about…(and choose a topic) and then I thought,..wait a… Continue reading #ThreeThingsThursday // Delice


12 Things I Wish that I Knew About Marriage Before I Got Married

Disclaimer: I am not married!!!! This is an article that I would encourage couples that are married to read! “Marriage is a long-term inverstment” At least I know this before I am married. (Smile) Enjoy Lots of Love -Dee-


DIY// Deep Conditioner Hair Mask

Hello Fam, I am glad to have you back on my blog. It has been almost 2 years since I decided to transition and go natural with my hair. To be honest, there is one word to describe well my journey: challenging. For real Fam, it has not always been fun: some good moments where I… Continue reading DIY// Deep Conditioner Hair Mask