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#ThreeThingsThursday // Delice

Hello Fam,

I am  back again with a new series of blogs/interviews that was inspired by other bloggers on Instagram and my favorite one was Suzie (you can check out here). I first thought I would give it a try myself and write a post called:three things about…(and choose a topic) and then I thought,..wait a minute I can make this more fun.

So I went to see a friend (aka my sister, aka Delice) and I asked her if she would like to be featured on my blog. PAUSE, I didn’t ask her, I just told her:”I am going to ask you a couple questions, just answer them.”(laugh)! And there we are, from my sister to a friend, to two friends, to random people at school, here I am doing the Three Things Thursday tag.

The rules? Easy! Read along, I am sure you will get it soon.

Knowing my sister is bad at sports (she literally watches NO sports at all!), my 1st question to her was:

Tell me Three basketball players you know:

  • Dwayne Wade: because he is Gab Union’s hubby
  • Steph Curry:because our brother loves him
  • Kobe Bryant. She just knows the name but has no clue who he is. SMH

Three shows you love:

  • Scandal
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Quantico

Three weird habits of yours:

  • I eat raw pasta. It makes me stop biting my nails. (laugh)
  • I can’t leave a classroom without listening to music,my earphones are my bestfriends
  • When I am falling asleep in class,I write to God so that he keeps me awake


I am her sister and I approve this message!!

Three people you would love to meet:

  • Stromae. I think he is an original and unique guy
  • Mimie Mathy.(French actress/comedian)
  • People who wrote the Bible, I have tons of questions for them.

This last question, I forced her to answer it and she took forever to  find three things. She kept laughing:

Three things Thursday

Three compliments you want to give me:

  • Everyone loves you and it’s super annoying. Not everyone does!pppshhh
  • You are a good sister and a good friend. I can testify to that
  • You have our mum’s heart(Best compliment ever. I am super blushing right now-smile)

I had so much fun questionning this lady and although I have known her for 21 years, I can guaranteee I didn’t know some of the things she told me. (the weird habits are true by the way)

I hope you had fun reading this and stay tuned for more posts like this.

Lots of love


three things thursday

three things thursday

three things thursday




20 thoughts on “#ThreeThingsThursday // Delice

      1. Yampaye inka we rero uwo ni duchess cnke ndarose hama nca ndikangura!!!!
        Bon anyways your nxt intervieuw or Three Call me!! Ahahaha Lov it by the way U killed it👌👌💯🔥

        Liked by 1 person

  1. God i swear there is a picture there that got me like ” she looks exactly like “her shelter”!!!” the part where she doesn’t know any sportsperson broke my heart 😦 : ( hahaha


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