On Manhood: What My Brother Taught Me!

(This post is inspired in part by a conversation with my brother on manhood). I have one little brother. 4 years younger. You can imagine how funny it is for me to say that he has taught me things. But he truly did, in his own way! He didn’t actually make me sit down and… Continue reading On Manhood: What My Brother Taught Me!


I Failed…Modeling Audition

When I was a teenager, I had one big aspiration: becoming a model. I mean, I had other goals but this was one of the biggest – keep reading if you want to know why. So when one day I saw a casting call ad while scrolling down my Facebook feed, I didn’t hesitate. Okay, I… Continue reading I Failed…Modeling Audition


Get A Diploma?

Disclaimer: You may need to read what’s on this picture first before you read the rest. Dear person who wrote this, How are you? I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are. I just have a couple points I want to make and I hope you won’t interpret my response in a… Continue reading Get A Diploma?


You Are One in 7 Billion

In the world we live in today, it is so much easier to compare our lives to others and to envy what other people have.Social Media allows people to show lives that they don’t have, faces that are unreal, relationships that don’t exist.We forget to be thankful for what we have and tend to desire… Continue reading You Are One in 7 Billion


Women’s Day // 15 Inspirational Quotes

For the past few years, I have asked myself this question: “How can I celebrate this day if I have to be in school all day?” and today was no exception. Waking up on kind messages of course warmed my heart but is it enough? I spent a couple minutes reading all the messages I… Continue reading Women’s Day // 15 Inspirational Quotes


Wednesday Wisdom // Be Thankful With What You Have

In today’s world, it gets very easy to envy other people and what they have. We compare our lives to celebrities’, we wish we had things our friends have, we focus on the negative things in our lives and we complain a LOT. I had a conversation with one of my dearest friend who just turned 26 (Happy… Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom // Be Thankful With What You Have

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16 Things To Do In 2016// Bucket List

Hello Fam, 2016 has indeed started if you haven’t realized for some reasons (I know some of you are still writing  the date with 2015). We all talk about “new resolutions” this time around, don’t we? Either to our friends and family or just to ourselves. We also often hear people tell us: “[…]as long as… Continue reading 16 Things To Do In 2016// Bucket List