My Story Told // Shiro

Shiro is a Kenyan girl who I met at my university. For the longest time, I knew she was East African (we are a minority in our school) and I had had conversations with her but I never thought of her to be so talented. The first time I saw her perform, it was at an open… Continue reading My Story Told // Shiro


My Story Told // Diane&Nadia

 Diane and Nadia are not ordinary sisters. They are identical twins. Just in case you were starting to wonder, yes, they do fight and argue like normal siblings (I mean who doesn’t fight with their siblings). However, these two share something that not all the twins usually do (keep reading) Diane and Nadia were the… Continue reading My Story Told // Diane&Nadia


My Story Told // Niragira

He goes by the name of Niragira. He is a well-known Burundian photographer/visual storyteller currently based in Rwanda. You probably have seen his Instagram page or his series of videos, 90sec Art in which he showcases African artists in a very creative way. But how much do we think we know the guy behind the camera? Before we… Continue reading My Story Told // Niragira


My Story Told.Father’s Day // Melissa&Léane

  We often show appreciation to our mothers, tell them how much we love them, thank them for what they’ve done. Probably because they are the ones who bring us to this world  and who take care of us for years and years, but what about our fathers? How often do we tell our fathers… Continue reading My Story Told.Father’s Day // Melissa&Léane


You Are One in 7 Billion

In the world we live in today,it is so much easier to compare our lives to others and to envy what other people have.Social Media allows people to show lives that they don’t have,faces that are unreal,relationships that don’t exist.We forget to be thankful for what we have and tend to desire what x,y and… Continue reading You Are One in 7 Billion


I Deescovered Old Québec // Travel Diary #1

For the last four years, I have been living in Canada. I never really had the chance to visit other cities -except for Ottawa where I go at least once a year to see my family –. I live in a small town called St Catharines, and I’ve felt in love with its quietness and its… Continue reading I Deescovered Old Québec // Travel Diary #1


Hosting Buja257 // Expectation Vs Reality

Hosting the Burundian SnapChat account was a very cool experience for me. Before that, I had been following the account for only a few weeks and at first, I thought: huuum this is a fantastic concept. Of course, I was kind of lost; I had no idea what African Trip was. I finally got a friend… Continue reading Hosting Buja257 // Expectation Vs Reality