“Kahise, Kubu na Kazoza”

If Self was a poet, she would write a beautiful poem for the phenomenal men and women of Ishaka. But She is not, unfortunately. Bare with her while she attempts to put into words the feelings and emotions the people who went to the Ishaka’s show went through. If you don’t know by now what… Continue reading “Kahise, Kubu na Kazoza”


Get A Diploma?

Disclaimer: You may need to read what’s on this picture first before you read the rest. Dear person who wrote this, How are you? I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are. I just have a couple points I want to make and I hope you won’t interpret my response in a… Continue reading Get A Diploma?


Hosting Buja257 // Expectation Vs Reality

Hosting the Burundian SnapChat account was a very cool experience for me. Before that, I had been following the account for only a few weeks and at first, I thought: huuum this is a fantastic concept. Of course, I was kind of lost; I had no idea what African Trip was. I finally got a friend… Continue reading Hosting Buja257 // Expectation Vs Reality