“Kahise, Kubu na Kazoza”

If Self was a poet, she would write a beautiful poem for the phenomenal men and women of Ishaka. But She is not, unfortunately. Bare with her while she attempts to put into words the feelings and emotions the people who went to the Ishaka’s show went through. If you don’t know by now what… Continue reading “Kahise, Kubu na Kazoza”


Best of 2016

As I am writing this post, I wonder: is this not a little bit overdue? But then it comes to my mind that it is never too late to be grateful for something. Right? So if you don’t know by now, 2016 is over and we are in 2017! At the beginning of 2016, I… Continue reading Best of 2016


My Story Told // Andrea

I usually start off my posts talking about where and how I met the people I interview/ feature on my blog, well, this one is a different one because… I have never met Andrea. A super cool friend of mine had told me about Andrea and her story. I asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing… Continue reading My Story Told // Andrea


My Story Told // Trick Triick

If you are Burundian and you like to party, then there is no doubt you know Dj Trick Triick. If you are not Burundian and you don’t like to party, well you should still know him. Trick Triick is one of the best deejays from Burundi. Based in Canada, he started his career in 2013.… Continue reading My Story Told // Trick Triick


My Story Told // Niragira

He goes by the name of Niragira. He is a well-known Burundian photographer/visual storyteller currently based in Rwanda. You probably have seen his Instagram page or his series of videos, 90sec Art in which he showcases African artists in a very creative way. But how much do we think we know the guy behind the camera? Before we… Continue reading My Story Told // Niragira


Hosting Buja257 // Expectation Vs Reality

Hosting the Burundian SnapChat account was a very cool experience for me. Before that, I had been following the account for only a few weeks and at first, I thought: huuum this is a fantastic concept. Of course, I was kind of lost; I had no idea what African Trip was. I finally got a friend… Continue reading Hosting Buja257 // Expectation Vs Reality

Tags And Challenges

#ThreeThingsThursday // Melissa

I met Melissa my first year of undergrad. We were in the same economics class and she heard me speaking on the phone in Kirundi and waited until the end of the lecture to talk to me. Now that I am thinking about it, I probably said something about her(without knowing she can understand Kirundi)… Continue reading #ThreeThingsThursday // Melissa