We Deescovered This Graffiti Alley

For a couple weeks, I had been planning a surprise for my sister a.k.a Inarunyonga who just finished university. If you’ve ever organized a surprise, you know it can get a little stressful because you are always worried someone is going to ruin it and accidentally reveal it. Six of my sister’s friends and the… Continue reading We Deescovered This Graffiti Alley


My Story Told.Father’s Day // Melissa&Léane

  We often show appreciation to our mothers, tell them how much we love them, thank them for what they’ve done. Probably because they are the ones who bring us to this world  and who take care of us for years and years, but what about our fathers? How often do we tell our fathers… Continue reading My Story Told.Father’s Day // Melissa&Léane

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Versatile Blogger Award// Facts About Me

Hello Fam, You may know by now how much I like doing these kind of posts for you and I want to sincerely thank Just Average Teen Me for nominating me. She is very adorable and I  recommend you to check her out. Now, some of you know that English is not my first language -if not, go here… Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award// Facts About Me


My Christmas Playlist

Hello Fam, Happy Holidays. I am so sorry I have been away for so long. I have been spending time with my loved ones but I am finally back on track. I hope this season is bringing joy and happiness to your homes. Coming from a catholic family and being raised in a country where… Continue reading My Christmas Playlist


Sister Got Talent

I’ve seen this girl drawing for as long as I can remember. Back in high school I used to ask her to draw illustrations for my biology class. She is really good at it. Years later, she started doing sketches for clothes in her small notebook and there she is now..drawing portraits. She may not… Continue reading Sister Got Talent


I am going to change YOU!!!

I am going to start off by saying that I don’t understand people that believe they can change someone. No, let me put this right; I can understand them but I don’t quiet get their motives. Please let me know! Last time I was reading an article and I saw this quote: “Consider how hard… Continue reading I am going to change YOU!!!


Overprotective or nah?

As some of you may know, I am the first born in a family of four crazy kids and I think I have an issue with that. I think I am an overprotective sister. Oh Lord! Help me. Many of my friends tell me that they can’t wait to see how I will act with my own kids… Continue reading Overprotective or nah?